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Decarbonising Energy: At the Tipping Point

Online , Australia

Australia has the highest per-capita greenhouse emissions of any advanced economy, we’re on track to miss our Paris commitment, and we're nowhere near achieving net zero.

STEM and Society: A Hard-Won Theory – Tectonic Plates in Victoria

Online , Australia

It can be confusing when we hear from scientists reluctant to deal in absolutes, who instead engage in conversations about ‘degrees of certainty’. In the world of science, a ‘theory’ is the closest something may ever come to being ‘the truth’. To understand what modern scientists can go through to arrive at an accepted theory, we’re taking a look at one of the major revelations of the past century: the theory of tectonic plates.

Indigenous Food and Agriculture

Online , Australia

Come yarn about native foods, healthy eating and Australian Indigenous farmers.


Climate Notes @ Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This emotive exhibition features six new musical works by Australian composers Damien Barbeler, Kate Moore, Bree van Reyk, Cathy Milliken and Daniel Blinkhorn exploring the emotional impacts of climate change, and propels us to consider what it feels like to live through a time when climate change affects every aspect of our lives.


Eco-Dyeing 101 Workshop

Alphington Community Centre 2 Kelvin Road, Alphington, Victoria, Australia

Join us in Science Week for a fabulous family workshop and learn how to use the plants in our neighbourhood to dye materials. Local textile artist Rose Kulak will be teaching this workshop in our garden and out in The Shed.


Play, Sow, Make

Greenhills Neighbourhood House Community Drive, Greensborough, Victoria, Australia

A Family Fun Day at Greenhills Neighbourhood House. Plant some seedlings, learn how to make pickles and play with our sustainable craft.

The Botanic Garden that Thought it Could Change the World

Online , Australia

Join acclaimed writer and climate activist Sophie Cunningham (author of Melbourne and City of Trees) in conversation with Clare Hart, Manager Horticulture, and Peter Symes, Curator Horticulture, about the Gardens’ Landscape Succession Strategy and the international Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens. Collaboration between botanic gardens across the globe is essential in understanding how plants will grow and survive in a warming climate. Clare and Peter will discuss how the…


The Future of Fungi

Online , Australia

Join Tom May, Principal Research Scientist (Mycology) in a discussion with writer and climate activist Sophie Cunningham (author of Melbourne and City of Trees) about the future of fungi. Fungi are megadiverse, estimated at several million species globally. Discover the role of fungi in ecosystems and how they will fare in future climates; and learn how fungi experts tackle the challenge of documenting the numerous "dark fungi". This event will be livestreamed – details…


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