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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners from all First Nations communities across Victoria. 

To you we convey our deep respect.

ACCLIMATISE is a series of live audience and broadcast events presented in collaboration with Museums Victoria, Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria, Zoos Victoria, Public Libraries Victoria, Parliament of Victoria, State Library of Victoria, Philip Island Nature Reserve, Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and Royal Society of Victoria.

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Earth’s climate is incredibly complex and essential to sustaining all life on our planet. In just a few short centuries, the global land use and energy consumption practices of the human species have disrupted the balances in a system that had remained stable and conducive to human activities for thousands of years. Confronted with the existential threat of a warming, drying climate system that could even prove inhospitable to life on Earth if left unchecked, our global civilization has embarked on a search for creative solutions through multidisciplinary fields of science.

Join us as we explore the science at the centre of this critical physical, intellectual, social and economic frontier; the physics of weather, our First Nations peoples knowledge of Country, the citizen scientists measuring and managing local impacts, the foundation of the sustainability movement, the Victorian researchers assessing and working to slow the threat of plant and animal extinction, and the scientists charting the impacts of bushfire, drought and sea level rise in our state and beyond.

Featuring scientists from Victoria’s major public scientific and cultural institutions with a strong broadcast focus for our regional audience engagement, alongside local Victorian communities working towards solutions, ACCLIMATISE seeks to delve into the Sciences of Sustainability and Adaptation and the pathways they offer towards our future.

 ACCLIMATISE is presented to Victoria for National Science Week 2021

Collecting insights: Environmental adaptation in Victoria @ Parliament of Victoria

The ACCLIMATISE Major Partner Special Event.

Sunday 22 August 2pm

What do our best-loved public science engagement institutions tell us about future environmental adaptation through their collections and research in Victoria?  When you visit the Museum or Zoo or Botanical gardens, it can be a fascinating and fun day out, yet many don’t realise our public institutions are engine rooms of important environmental research. There is a diverse range of work happening behind the scenes to measure, understand, plan, and adapt for the future of biodiversity in Victoria.

Join us for our ACCLIMATISE special panel conversation, streamed live from the Legislative Council Chamber at Parliament House with a small invited live audience of families, to learn from the botanists, zoologists and collection managers leading this important work. Find out some of the ways they are planning to help our plants and animals adapt to our state’s warming, drying climate.

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