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Science Is For Everyone
Science Is For Everyone

Science is for everyone, so be inspired and get involved in science, ideas and innovation through the Inspiring Victoria initiative.

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ACCLIMATISE highlights

The average global temperature continues to climb The environment changes in very little time Ecosystems are altered, animals lose habitat…

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Regional Science Champions: a wave of STEM across Victoria

Victorian libraries provide us with a place to learn, create, and explore. Last year, the Regional Science Champions program sowed…

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14–22 August: National Science Week 2021

National Science Week Victoria is part of Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology, running each year in August. Engage with science and get involved in the future.

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Clubs for kids to engage with science

Join a kids club and involve the whole family in fun and educational activities. Bring together a group of like minds. Learn the skills needed for life in the 21st century.

Explore kids clubs

Get involved in activities and events

Attend an event, organise your own activity, or join a kids’ club to involve the whole family.

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