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NatSciWk Collateral for 2018 Victorian Events

National Science Week character graphic

Running a National Science Week (NatSciWk) event in Victoria this year? Make your NatSciWk event more visible by placing NatSciWk posters up around your venue, and provide your event volunteers with NatSciWk t-shirts to make them instantly recognisable.

National Science Week State and Territory Coordinating Committees are provided with a number of t-shirts, and posters to help event holders celebrate National Science Week.

If you are hosting an event in Victoria and would like to receive some National Science Week collateral please email Renee Beale [email protected] with the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Courier address (no PO boxes, must be available to sign during office hours)
  • Anticipated audience numbers and type (eg children, adults)

Collateral will be distributed in early July on a first-come, first served policy.

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