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To apply for a 2021 Partnership Network Grant, please complete the following application form. Be sure to attach a completed budget using this budget template (Excel spreadsheet).

Partnership Network Grant 2021 application form

Your Details

Applicant Type *

Your Audience

Will your audience include any group underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (e.g., Rural or Remote Communities)? *
Select all underrepresented groups that apply: *
Is this the first time you've offered this activity to the underrepresented group/s identified? *

Your Event

(50 characters max.)
Event Venue Address
Please include details about what will happen at your event, any collaborators you may have, and who your target audience is, etc. The more detail about these practical elements you can give us, the stronger your application will be. (2500 characters max.)
We will help promote your event - how will you get the word out? (2500 characters max.)
In brief, why are you doing this and what do you hope the event will achieve? (2500 characters max.)

Your Funding

Maximum upload size: 0.25MB
Your budget can be basic but must use our template (download above) and should address at least total income and expenditure, including in kind contributions; make sure you clearly highlight which aspects will be covered by the grant.
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