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12 May 6pm


With the Royal Society of Victoria and Victorian Parliamentarians for STEM.  This special series of online presentations leading towards National Science Week, explores the science and stories behind the game-changing work undertaken by Victoria’s scientific community. Our leading experts will talk about the work they’re doing to engage the community and affect meaningful change in their field of study and in our everyday lives.  Watch these webinars on the Parliament of Victoria’s Youtube channel below.

Join Dr Rebecca McIntosh and Ross Holmberg from the Phillip Island Nature Parks team as they prepare to launch the annual SealSpotter Challenge, when citizen scientists around the globe jump online to count Australian fur seals and contribute to vital conservation research.  The SealSpotter program allows anyone with a computer to help with the management and  protection of our oceans by counting seals in images captured with a UAV drone. The count enables scientists to analyse seal population and marine debris entanglement data faster and more accurately, leading to a greater understanding of the fur seal’s world and the
threats they face.

Last year citizen scientists participated from every continent on the planet – including Antarctica! By offering a taste of what scientists in the field see and experience, Rebecca and Ross and the team at Phillip Island Nature Parks have started a movement, bringing the wider community along with them to affect necessary behavioural change and achieve their conservation goals.  How many seals will you find? 



Dr Rebecca McIntosh, Research Scientist at Phillip Island Nature Parks.





Ross Holmberg, Phillip Island Nature Parks.




Join the webinar live streams here

After live streaming, all webinars are available on the Parliament of Victoria’s Youtube Channel

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