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Are time travel, invisibility, telepathy, and suspended animation ultimately possible? Will climate change, ageing, waste, and biodiversity loss be oh so 21st century?

In this series our Possible Impossibles writers speculate on discoveries and technologies that might just become possible through future scientific advancement rather than remain the purview of science fiction.


Detection Dogs

Written by Catriona Nguyen-Robertson

From Border Collie bodyguards to puppies on patrol, dogs are helping Zoos Victoria protect some of our most threatened species.

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The Age Old Question

Written by Morgan Beale

Do you want to live forever? It’s not a new question. So what has changed, to make the oldest impossible in the book seem like it could be possible after all?

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The Teleporters’ Tea Party

Written by Dr Renee Beale and Morgan Beale

Much easier to catch up with One’s circle when One can teleport in for a visit! In this fictional story meet five guests as they teleport into a tea party, and perhaps learn a little about this possible impossible.

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