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Science Gallery Melbourne’s pop-up program DISPOSABLE will highlight experimental and creative ways to tackle our ever growing excess of waste. DISPOSABLE locations will include The University of Melbourne’s Parkville and Southbank campuses, along with unique sites throughout Melbourne. The lid…

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Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian (France) and Professor Peter Scales (Australia) Are you flushing a valuable wee-source? Urinotron is a large-scale installation that takes our organic waste (urine) and transforms it into power for your mobile phone, before recycling it back to pure water. Contribute your urine and then put your feet up as…

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Artist Oliver Kellhammer’s work allows you to watch the mealworms as they dine on polystyrene.   Oliver Kellhammer (United States of America) Do solutions to our recycling crisis exist in nature? Nature is outsmarting us. Solutions to our enormous waste…

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The Sewer Soaperie

Would you wash your hands with soap made from sewage? Catherine Sarah Young (Philippines) Sewer Soaperie turns raw sewage and fat into luxury soaps. Extreme storms now frequently overwhelm drains, pipes and sewerage systems, causing flooding in major cities. Large lumps of…

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Fatberg (Creating)

Arne Hendriks (Netherlands) & Mike Thompson (United Kingdom) Do we really understand fat? In November 2017, the 130-tonne ‘Monster of Whitechapel’ was ejected from the bowels of east London. This fatberg – a congealed mass of fat, wet wipes and nappies – stretched the…

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Trash Robot

Urban Rivers (USA) Can we game our way to a cleaner world? Take control of our garbage-eating robot either in person or online! Created by Chicago-based collective Urban Rivers, Trash Robot will be trawling Melbourne’s Yarra River collecting rubbish outside of the City’s…

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