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Jaffle Symposium: Fatbergs & Three Cheese Jaffles

Testing Grounds 1 City Road, Southbank, VIC, Australia

The Jaffle Symposium is a curated a program of discussions, where interesting people talk about interesting things while making and eating jaffles around the open fire at Testing Grounds. A feast for your stomach, mind, planet and soul. Bringing together art, culture, science, technology and, of course, the glorious jaffle: because any discussion without food is just…


Sustainable Shopping Workshop

Hastings Library 7 High Street, Hastings, VIC, Australia

Are you wanting to discover simple ways of looking after your own space – our space – planet Earth? Come along and learn some tricks on how to become a more sustainable shopper. You will learn simple ways to make simple changes when you shop that can have big, sustainable impacts on our world by…


Sustainable Living Talk

Mornington Peninsula Libraries Vancouver Street, Mornington, VIC, Australia

This Talk will focus on sustainable building and renovating of homes. Our Speaker Matthew Baker is widely experienced in this field and will also discuss the Your Home guide. Your Home is your guide to building, buying or renovating a home. It shows how to create a comfortable home with low impact on the environment – economical…


Recipe for Disaster

South Lawn Carpark The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC, Australia

Do you take food for granted? Recipe for Disaster, an interactive performative dinner experiment in the iconic ‘Mad Max’ South Lawn Car Park, which will compel you to consider this question closely. Food has the capacity to bring us together. It’s familiar, relational and cultural. In times of conflict and scarcity, it also has the…


Bringing STEM to the community: Prof Veena Sahajwalla – Scientist, Engineer, Inventor

Quantum Victoria 235 Kingsbury Drive, Macleod, VIC, Australia

Quantum Victoria and the Royal Society of Victoria are delighted to invite you to celebrate National Science Week with a presentation by ARC Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla – Materials Scientist, Engineer and Inventor. Veena is revolutionising recycling science and is renowned for pioneering the high temperature transformation of waste in the production of a new generation of ‘green materials.’ In 2018 Veena launched the world’s…


Hugh Williamson Lecture: Michael Pinsky

Federation Hall, Theatre 205 7-17 Grant Street #5, Southbank, VIC, Australia

Buy less, bin less: the culture of consuming Things are cheap. Space is expensive. Large private art galleries exhibiting a few select artworks epitomise the contemporary expression of wealth. However, behind this minimalism lies a world of waste. Michael Pinsky envisions his art as a service rather than a product. His interests lie in the public and public space…


Walrus of Peace

Dudley House 60 View Street, Bendigo, VIC, Australia

Is ochre the new spray paint? Walrus of Peace investigates a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, alternative set of materials for temporary street art installations. Bendigo Artists Inc (Australia) Street art is a popular form of creative expression, but it has lots of environmental and ethical issues. The paints and acetate used are pretty harsh on the artists…


Spinning Yarns

We've asked four scholars, scientists and seekers of a better world: What's keeping you off the streets, and up at night? The unsurprising answer is that a life of enquiry is never short of things to do! Throughout Victoria's 2020 pandemic lockdowns, our speakers have dauntlessly continued their labours, producing scientific work for the public good, campaigning for a brighter future informed by scientific knowledge, or dutifully preserving the beautiful legacy of scientific instrumentation from earlier times, holding something of the story of long-gone people rising to the challenges of their own times.

Stewardship of Country – The Common Ground

Focussing on the convergence of knowledge traditions: traditional European farming practices, ecological sciences based on European classification systems, and the complex Australian Indigenous knowledge systems developed and maintained over a truly astonishing stretch of time, offering a deep cultural understanding and relationships with "country" to help us determine our common future in Australia.

Stewardship of Country – Resilience and Regeneration

Untangling the knots in our system that frustrate beneficial change, from the fixed thinking enforced by our political culture to the slow-changing traditions of agricultural land management and business practices founded in European soils and ecosystems.

Stewardship of Country – From Past to Future

Online , Australia

Seeking a new model for the management of Australian landscapes so our natural systems are conserved and regenerated for future generations. Join the Royal Societies of Australia and Inspiring Victoria for the final in this series of three webinars, aiming to generate a discussion of landscape and environmental stewardship that bridges Indigenous, agricultural, scientific, economic…

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