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National Science Week Victoria


A range of grants are available to individuals and organisations wishing to present events and activities for National Science Week.

Victorian National Science Week ‘Seed’ Grants

Victorian Seed Grants – libraries, community organisations and individuals

Applications have now CLOSED for the National Science Week 14-22 August 2021 grant round (up to $1000 ex GST).  Grant application page is hereSuccessful recipients have now been notified, if you have not received an email you were not successful this year but we thank all applicants and we hope to see you back next year.

These grants are designed to support individuals and organisations who wish to run public science events and activities within Victoria during National Science Week.

Typically applicants are able to apply for a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1000 each (GST free), allowing event-holders to kick start their events and gain further support from host or partner organisations. Please note: the maximum grant amount may change from year to year depending on the funds available. Applications are assessed by the Victorian Coordinating Committee.

Please note: these grants are for public engagement and not available for school events in Science Week (for school activities please refer to the National Science Week School Grants below).

Please note: this grant scheme is for public libraries, community organisations and individuals only. Schools wishing to apply for National Science Week funding may apply to the National Science Week School grant scheme. Organisations or individuals (other than public libraries and library staff) should apply to the Victorian Seed Grant – Community scheme even if these organisations or individuals plan to use a library as an event venue.

National Science Week School Grants

Applications will again open for the 2021 grant round. Stay tuned for announcements in 2021 for grants to support National Science Week 2020 activities.

This grant scheme, managed by the Australian Science Teachers Association, is specifically for schools wishing to gain support to run an event for students during National Science Week.

Visit the National Science Week website for updates regarding these grants, and for more details and resources about the schools’ program.

National Science Week Grants – National Grants

Dr Renee Beale, Science Week Victoria Lead; Dr Darlene Lim, NASA; Kate Barnard, Museums Victoria’s Science Programs Manager

This grant round this now open for 2021. Applications can be made from .

Managed by the National office, these grants of up to $20,000 per application are available for individuals, community groups, universities, research institutions and other organisations to hold events for the public to participate in science across the country.

Visit the National Science Week website for announcements regarding these grants.

Latest National Science Week grants news and announcements
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