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State of the Climate 2020

November 2020 marks the release of the State of the Climate report. This report is a synthesis of the science informing our understanding of climate in Australia and includes new information about Australia’s climate of the past, present and future.
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spinning wheel

Spinning Yarns

We've asked four scholars, scientists and seekers of a better world: What's keeping you off the streets, and up at night? The unsurprising answer is that a life of enquiry is never short of things to do! Throughout Victoria's 2020 pandemic lockdowns, our speakers have dauntlessly continued their labours, producing scientific work for the public good, campaigning for a brighter future informed by scientific knowledge, or dutifully preserving the beautiful legacy of scientific instrumentation from earlier times, holding something of the story of long-gone people rising to the challenges of their own times.
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Bushfire Smoke Plume

Seeing the Smoke

by Catriona Nguyen-Robertson MRSV Science Engagement Officer “Smoke never has just a minimal impact,” says Dr Martin Cope, Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO Climate Science Centre. We spent long periods shrouded in smoke due to the 2019-2020 bushfires that…

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