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Spinning Wheel

Spinning Yarns

We've asked four scholars, scientists and seekers of a better world: What's keeping you off the streets, and up at night? The unsurprising answer is that a life of enquiry is never short of things to do! Throughout Victoria's 2020 pandemic lockdowns, our speakers have dauntlessly continued their labours, producing scientific work for the public good, campaigning for a brighter future informed by scientific knowledge, or dutifully preserving the beautiful legacy of scientific instrumentation from earlier times, holding something of the story of long-gone people rising to the challenges of their own times.
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Walrus of Peace

Is ochre the new spray paint? Walrus of Peace investigates a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, alternative set of materials for temporary street art installations. Bendigo Artists Inc (Australia) Street art is a popular form of creative expression, but it has…

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Bringing STEM to the community: Prof Veena Sahajwalla – Scientist, Engineer, Inventor

Quantum Victoria and the Royal Society of Victoria are delighted to invite you to celebrate National Science Week with a presentation by ARC Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla – Materials Scientist, Engineer and Inventor. Veena is revolutionising recycling science and is renowned for pioneering the high temperature transformation of waste…

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Recipe for Disaster

Do you take food for granted? Recipe for Disaster, an interactive performative dinner experiment in the iconic ‘Mad Max’ South Lawn Car Park, which will compel you to consider this question closely. Food has the capacity to bring us together.…

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Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valérian (France) and Professor Peter Scales (Australia) Are you flushing a valuable wee-source? Urinotron is a large-scale installation that takes our organic waste (urine) and transforms it into power for your mobile phone, before recycling it back to pure water. Contribute your urine and then put your feet up as…

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